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Alumni Spotlights

John Lowe '95 solo.jpg

The Journey of John Lowe '95

John Lowe '95 From Alpha Delta Phi to Jeni's Ice Creams ...

John Lowe finds it difficult to overstate the positive impact that Alpha Delta Phi has had on his life. He felt fortunate to have found a group of men with whom he shared the same values and who were there for him throughout his time at the University of Illinois.

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It Takes a Brotherhood

J. Schwan '97 Shares the Lifelong Impact of His Illinois Chapter Brothers

As the CEO of Kin + Carta, a 2,000-person global technology, data and experience consultancy, J. Schwan has his Alpha Delta Phi brothers to thank for helping him build the company.

Alan Fiester '67.jpg

A Historian for the Brotherhood

Alan Fiester '67 Studies President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alan Fiester, retired clinical psychologist, currently splits his time between Tequesta, Florida and Pine Mountain, Georgia. Upon graduating from U.of I., he moved to Oxford, Ohio where he completed a M.S. and Ph.D. In Clinical and Community Psychology. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Linda (KATheta) and will celebrate their 50th anniversary this summer.

Mark Klugiewicz.jpg

Reestablishing the Brotherhood

Mark Klugiewicz ’82 Reflects on His Time with Illinois Chapter and Supports Recolonization Efforts

Mark Klugiewicz has lived and worked all over the country and the world. Arriving at U of I in the Fall of 1977, Mark first lived in Newman Hall with future brother, Joel Gray, before pledging Alpha Delts in the Spring of ‘78. Mark took time off to work at home from 79-81 before returning and resuming activities with the House and living with brothers like Chuck Vermilion and Steve Spears before earning his degree in Chemical Engineering in 1983.

Scott Eriksen.jpg

Choosing Alpha Delta Phi was a Slam Dunk

Scott Eriksen ’79 Shares His Experience with Illinois Chapter and the Impact It Had on His Life

Scott Eriksen, Renaissance Man, describes his time in the House from 1975-79 as existing in “concentric circles of friendships.” Some brothers from the 70’s may remember him as “Slam” for his tendency to dunk in basketball games. Coming from Carbondale, Scott picked Illinois because it was in-state and had the reputation as a good Accounting School. Growing up with a dad, a professor at SIU, Scott followed the same path and has taught Accounting all over the world. 

Chase Reed.jpg

Learning and Growing with the Brotherhood

Chase Reed ’15 Continues the Family ADPhi Tradition

Chase Reed feels like he didn’t have much of a choice.  His mom, dad, and two of his siblings all attended the University of Illinois.  “It’s in our blood.” Chase’s dad is Brother Jim Reed (86) and his uncle is Brother Mark Klugiewicz (83).  Chase was not even really thinking about joining a fraternity when the family walked through the House on a visit, met two extremely charismatic guys, the President and the Pledge Trainer and called home a week later saying he had pledged.

Miguel Camacho.jpg

Preparing for the Future

Miguel Camacho ’15 Excited for the Return of Alpha Delta Phi

The fact that the University of Illinois’ Psychology program is ranked in the top 20 in America and that the University is in-state made it an easy choice for Brother Miguel Camacho.  Attending from 2011 until his graduation in 2015, Miguel pledged during the Spring Semester of 2012 after hearing about Alpha Delts from his Freshman year roommate, Chase Reed.  

Bill Hanna Alpha Delta Phi

From Chapter President to Faithful Alumnus

Golden Alpha Delt Memories from Bill Hanna ’11

Driving a box truck for the first time in the snow with a 26-foot Christmas tree hanging out the back might not be every Brother’s idea of a good time, but it’s a great memory for Bill Hanna ’11. Not only did Bill serve as president of the chapter before graduating in 2011, but he was also chairman of the committee for Christmas Formal. “All of the guys were up until midnight sprigging the week before the dance,” he shared. “It was just a fun time of year.”

Jim McCollum.jpg

Lifelong Learner, Devoted Brother

Jim McCollum ’56 Recalls His Academic and Alpha Delt Successes

For many, earning a degree is a one-time achievement. For Jim McCollum ’56, it was the start of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. At 83 years of age, he earned a bachelor’s in history from Southern Arkansas University. This complements his degree from Illinois in 1956 and his J.D. in 1962. After a successful law practice for 34 years in New York, Jim retired to the McCollum family farm near Emerson, Arkansas. “I was in second grade when they bombed Pearl Harbor and grew up with the propaganda,” Jim said regarding his history degree. “I just wanted the truth behind the whole thing.”

Clint Hull Alpha Delta Phi

A Family Tradition, An Unforgettable Experience

Judge Clint Hull '90 Shares His Favorite Memories of Alpha Delta Phi

What’s a guy supposed to do if both his dad (1956) and grandpa (1922) attended the University of Illinois? Well, Clint Hull ’90 followed in his family’s footsteps and attended too. Clint, a speech communication major, fondly remembers telling members in the house that, “no, he doesn’t have any problem sets to do” and “yes, his homework is to give a speech.”

Doug Reynolds Alpha Delta Phi

Grounded by His Illinois Roots

Doug Reynolds ’86 Recalls the Good Times of Alpha Delta Phi in the ’80s

When you grow up on the outside of Springfield and attend high school at Chatham Glenwood, it’s not a far stretch to imagine you might end up attending the University of Illinois. Such is the case for Brother Doug Reynolds ’86.

Alumni Spotlights
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