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Alpha Delta Phi Foundation
Illinois Chapter Scholarship Program

Academic Awards

The Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi seeks to have a strong and sustained image within the University of Illinois community, and with alumni, as an institution that values academic coursework, true and continual learning, and classroom engagement at all levels and across all disciplines and fields of study. The goal is to provide scholarship awards that invest in and incentivize the Illinois Alpha Delta Phi’s active members to achieve their highest standards of performance in their academic endeavors throughout their time as undergraduates. Moreover, the goal of this grant is to create and represent a culture and environment of positive academic patterns.

Educational Fellowships

The Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi strongly believes that learning and positive, personal growth are not fully the domain of the university-student relationship and that the Illinois Alpha Delta Phi chapter should provide educational extensions, to its active members, that address essential learning gaps in the typical university experience that are fundamental to the development of the full person. These educational extensions take the form of active learning constructs/seminars, additive to the student’s university course load, designed for individual participation towards a specific life-learning topic chosen by the Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi. Moreover, the goal is to increase awareness, and technique in, the value of knowledge sharing by providing a “teach-the-teacher” framework for sharing the knowledge gained by the participant, during a Fellowship, with the entire Illinois Alpha Delta Phi active chapter.

Literary Competitions

The Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi seeks to provide practical and useful teachings, beyond those provided by the university’s curricula, that will encourage and develop skills that will help differentiate its active members as they begin to work in their chosen career fields.  The Illinois Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi strongly believes in written communication that has undergone a high degree of rigor in conceptualizing, crafting, and editing as evidenced by clear, concise, and impactful language and messaging. These skills are highly valued in corporate communication, grant writing, proposal writing, journalistic endeavors, and many other forms of important written discourse.

2022 Recipients_edited.jpg

Award Recipients

Back row (left to right): Justin Kutsor ‘25, Clayton Haase ‘24, Aaron Mushrush ‘25, DJ
Dutton ‘24, Henry Byrkit ‘24, Paul Rampersaud ‘24, Pedro Leite ‘23.
Front row (left to right): Carter Evans ‘25, Andrew Rodrigues ‘25, Dylan Reimen ‘25, Joe
Medley ‘24, Brandon Koester ‘25

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