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Doug Reynolds '86

Doug-Reynolds Alpha Delta Phi

Grounded by His Illinois Roots

When you grow up on the outside of Springfield and attend high school at Chatham Glenwood, it’s not a far stretch to imagine you might end up attending the University of Illinois. Such is the case for Brother Doug Reynolds ’86.
Attending from 1982-86, Doug graduated with a psychology degree that led him right to law school at the University of Florida. Doug spent 12 years as a trial attorney working with the public defender’s office before moving to his current position as supervisor and trainer for the office.
Joining Alpha Delta Phi his sophomore year, he remembers living with Kent “Snake” Hartmann ’86 and his pledge dad, Alan “Lil Al” Robertson ’86. Doug remembers he very much enjoyed Viking Dinner, Football Block, Atius, and Walkout. He particularly enjoyed a Walkout to Miami of Ohio that he made a return trip later with his brothers, Keith Koestner ’87 and Jim Reed ’86.
Doug and his wife, Caressa, a teacher who operates a pre-school, have two adult children, Aly and Drew. Aly and her husband, Matt, made Doug a grandpa with the arrival of his grandson, Kai, in early 2019.
He is hopeful for the fraternity and its recolonization, but is happy he attended and joined the fraternity in the ’80s. The chapter was strong and full, the brothers were involved on campus and with each other, the campus itself was exciting with successful athletics, especially the Rose Bowl year. Illinois felt like a complete entity; you could walk anywhere and everything you needed was available.
Doug has found a home in Florida, but still feels grounded from his roots in Illinois and Alpha Delta Phi.

(From Spring 2019 Newsletter)

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