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Chase Reed '15

Chase Reed Alpha Delta Phi

Learning and Growing with the Brotherhood

Chase Reed feels like he didn’t have much of a choice.  His mom, dad, and two of his siblings all attended the University of Illinois.  “It’s in our blood.” Chase’s dad is Brother Jim Reed (86) and his uncle is Brother Mark Klugiewicz (83).  Chase was not even really thinking about joining a fraternity when the family walked through the House on a visit, met two extremely charismatic guys, the President and the Pledge Trainer and called home a week later saying he had pledged.  


Joining the fraternity in the Fall of 2011, Chase lived in House from 2012 -14 before graduating with a double major in English and Creative Writing in 2015.  Currently, Chase is an Assistant Teacher at the Goddard School in St. Charles, but is actively writing and hoping to pursue a career in editing/publishing.  


Chase remembers the whole pledge process being awesome.  Meeting new people, working together toward keeping up the House, playing basketball on the court out back, all these are favorite memories.  He says that everyone used to get together and watch movies, like Old School while talking and laughing at the screen.  Chase is still close friends with Brothers Miguel Camacho, Dan Gatsakos, Greg Dietrich, Marco Gracia and Raymond Covarrubias.  


When Chase attended Illinois, the sports teams were not very good, but it certainly didn’t stop everyone from supporting them anyway through tailgating and pregaming.  Just being in an environment of people all in their early twenties dedicated to learning and growing helped Chase grow an interest in teaching that can’t quite outweigh his desire to write.  


Chase hopes that we can reinvigorate our Fraternity with young men invested in our House’s success.  Defined goals for the structured purposes of brotherhood will help us move forward and find men interested not only in having fun, but in making Alpha Delts a home regardless of where our House is located. 

(From Winter 2020 Newsletter)

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