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Scott Eriksen '79

Scott Eriksen

Choosing Alpha Delta Phi was a Slam Dunk

Scott Eriksen, Renaissance Man, describes his time in the House from 1975-79 as existing in “concentric circles of friendships.” Some brothers from the 70’s may remember him as “Slam” for his tendency to dunk in basketball games. Coming from Carbondale, Scott picked Illinois because it was in-state and had the reputation as a good Accounting School. Growing up with a dad, a professor at SIU, Scott followed the same path and has taught Accounting all over the world.  


After graduating Illinois, Scott attended North Texas University earning his Masters and PhD before heading off to Europe. In Spain, Scott focused on his guitar and even did some busking. From Spain, he lived in Scotland for a while before moving back to Spain to begin teaching at the premier business college, Instituto de Impresa. From 1995-2005, Scott taught and travelled all over Europe and South America, a time he would not trade for the world. Since moving back to the States, Scott has settled in Colorado and has taught at Colorado State University at Pueblo.  


Besides being a professor and musician, Scott also has studied extensively in martial arts, specifically Karate and has earned third Dan. Now, he encourages his three sons to remain active as he works with them in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  


“The University of Illinois has always been the benchmark or gold standard for me,” and his four years spent living in the house with brothers like Greg Withers and Jeff Chamberlin set Scott up for all his success. The quality of our school as well as the quality of the brothers he lived with set a standard, academically, athletically (he also was a star basketball player) and socially that impacted Scott positively in all his endeavors.  


Scott is now contemplating retirement from teaching, but it’s doubtful he will slow down...

(From Spring 2020 Newsletter)

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