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Mark Klugiewicz '82

Mark Klugiewicz

Reestablishing the Brotherhood

Mark Klugiewicz has lived and worked all over the country and the world. Arriving at U of I in the Fall of 1977, Mark first lived in Newman Hall with future brother, Joel Gray, before pledging Alpha Delts in the Spring of ‘78. Mark took time off to work at home from 79-81 before returning and resuming activities with the House and living with brothers like Chuck Vermilion and Steve Spears before earning his degree in Chemical Engineering in 1983.  


Mark began his career working for UL as a quality inspector. Travelling all over the country and eventually expanding out to international companies, Mark’s skills enabled him to move into independent contracting, supervising and instructing companies on management systems and environmental standards. The last ten years have seen Mark working in Saudi Arabia as a quality contractor for the largest oil company in the world. All of that has helped Mark be successful, but has cost him time with his wife, Teresa, whom he married in 1987 and their five children, David, Nick, Joel, Ariana and Shaile. The oldest two sons are married and Mark enjoys being a grandfather.  


Mark remembers the House as a microcosm for the university with all the different types of brothers and all the different qualities each has to offer. Seeing the difference that four years makes in peoples’ lives and how each man brought something unique to the Fraternity, the House was a learning environment. All the fond memories of school are enhanced by memories of experiences with brothers like Blake Linders on the annual end of school canoe trips. It certainly didn’t hurt that Illinois was solid athletically; Football Block with sororities was fun. Although digital social networking would not exist for a while, Mark recalls having plenty to do and never being bored.  Even walking on the Quad or seeing Altgeld Hall was fun.  


Reopening the House is a priority for Mark. He, like most of us, loved the old House, but knows that we can’t have a House if we can’t fill it. He is thankful for his Alpha Delt experience; it helped develop his character personally and professionally and Mark still remembers some brothers as role models.

(From Spring 2020 Newsletter)

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